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Entire Yoga Home Exercise DVD Collection – $880

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Each video here emerged form a process of in depth consideration for the condition, the psychological state caused by the condition and proper sequencing for optimal improvements. During the exercise choice process, great consideration was given to each exercise’s multiplicity  potential for muscle activation to ensure the best results with the least amount of exercises. Sequencing was greatly considered for logistics (i.e. standing exercises together), psychological imprint (i.e. starting and ending with a relaxation exercise), and mobility work before stability work accommodations. The unique and specific muscle needs for each condition are addressed several times with a variety of gravitational and stabilizing demands for improved and comprehensive outcomes. All videos are 30 minutes, have Aspen-Colorado scenic backgrounds and are presented by Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT.

All the yoga home exercise DVDs on this list are included in the bundle with the bonus Loop DVD which has 4 of the videos listed on it. The Loop video was developed to use on a video player within the clinic, store or lobby to promote yoga home exercise video sales. Individual DVDs are available on this site under “The Vibe Store.” A DVD display kit is also available for clinic stores in the “Clinic Materials” section of this website.

Individual DVDs and DOWNLOADS are available on this site under “The Vibe Store.” or Click Here.