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 U-Hi Fellowship

Utopian Healthcare Institute

A roadmap to Utopian Healthcare: Transforming self and community


Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare Students

Two Attendance Options

Option 1. The Fellowship can be completed in one year by following the schedule.

Option 2. Slow-pace option: the Fellow can choose a slower pace from 1-5 years for completion, taking as little as 2 or 3 one-month sessions per year.

The Fellow will receive….

 U-Hi Fellowship Commission Award

After attending all 12 one-month sessions, a U-Hi Fellowship Commission Certificate is awarded to the U-Hi fellow. This U-Hi Commission Certificate can be used to secure jobs, advance promotability, or leverage salaries in the healthcare industry. The U-Hi Commission Certificate can be used in marketing materials or displayed for patient recognition of your treatment skill level and diverse holistic knowledge base in practical application.

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12 – Rx Treatment Certifications

(new) Meditation, Watsu, Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, Hypnosis, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Reiki, Feldenkrais, Craniosacral Therapy, Fun & Joy

In addition to the Commission Award the Fellow will receive a Rx Certification of Completion for each session’s treatment topic awarded by both….

  • Utopian Healthcare Institute: nationally recognized by many healthcare institutions and healthcare universities (check your institution)
  • National Personal Training Institute: globally recognized by personal trainers and most fitness institutions (check your facility)

This is the actual facility we use in New York City

Note: These one-month Rx certifications are not equal to a full certification on that Rx treatment topic. The U-Hi Fellowship offers an amazingly diverse list of holistic treatment skills with national and global level teachers but to become fully certified on any one topic takes much more time. Each of these topics require many months or even years of training for a complete certification on that skilled topic.

The Master Navigator facilitating each session has spent a lifetime on the one skill set he/she is teaching you. Each Master Navigator (facilitator) offers a full certification program independently and outside of the U-Hi Fellowship for the Fellow’s transitional convenience. If the session’s skill interests the Fellow, he/she is encouraged to take the full certification with that Master Navigator (facilitator) after completion of the U-Hi Fellowship.

The Fellow has 9-12 different Master Navigators during the U-Hi Fellowship who specialize in their Rx treatment skill.

Each Master Navigator …

  • Has an advanced skill set on that session’s topic with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience in his/her field.

All Master Navigator …

  • Offers a full, in-depth, and nationally recognized certification course independent of the U-Hi Fellowship. This ensures that the Fellows can easily dive deeper into a specific topic of interest with a U-Hi vetted  Master Navigator (facilitator) who knows them from their U-Hi Fellowship experience. U-Hi understands the complexity of these skills. This is part of U-Hi’s Fellowship support plan to aid its Fellows in lifelong learning.

Every Master Navigator …

  • Has been interviewed, screened and hand-picked by the U-Hi administrative team for excellence in their field, quality standards, patient safety comprehension, teaching abilities, and relatability to healthcare workers. Teachers with healthcare licenses are preferred but not mandated.

Find out more about individual Master Navigators on this website’s Home Page. There is an entire area dedicated to the Navigators’ information.


 Three Payment Options

You will choose your payment option on the U-Hi Fellowship application.

Option 1. Prepaid in full, 20% discount (save $2,157). Total due when and if application is acceptance = $8,631

Option 2. Monthly automatic withdrawal for 12 months consecutively, 7% discount (save $755): $836/month for 12 months starting 15 days prior to 1st session date.

Option 3. Pay as you go: Payment due 15 days prior to each session start date: $899/session. You will pay when you book each session.

  • Required books bought separately, not to exceed 75$ /course.
  • Application for Fellowship must be accepted at the beginning (1time only).

Just getting started? 

Please fill out the U-Hi Fellowship Application so we can meet.

No Application Fee

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We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other and that all your questions are answered thoroughly. Those of us at U-Hi would also like to get to know you better and for you to know us before we begin this experience together.

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 Annual Fellowship Schedule

The schedule below is the same every year for your pre-planning needs.

U-Hi Fellowship: (12) one-month sessions. 

  • Each one-month session contains (1) Rx Skilled Treatment Certification and (1) Graduate Level Course for Healthcare Professionals / Students that compliments and is most likely missing from their required healthcare curriculum.
  • There are (2) categories for the courses.
    • January-June: Transforming Self
    • July-December: Transforming Community
  • The (12) sessions are purposefully sequenced for developmental learning but they can be taken out of sequence as well.

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