Key West Schedule for 2020

Key West, Florida

February 28-March 3, 2020


Phase I: Yoga Biomechanics Certification for Healthcare Professionals


Tuition $1890

Early Bird Special tuition $1500


Deposit $500

Purchase Books for Course $275


Choose Your Dates. Choose Your Favorite Destination. Same Tuition.

For Your Private Group of at least 4 Healthcare Professionals.

Email: or call 970-306-1163

Join us for 5 Epic Days in Historic Key West. Where Pirates, Bootleggers and Cigar Rollers Roamed

Key West Training Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Your Guide and Instructor, Learn more about Dr. Kim click here….

All 5 days and 25 hours of coursework is done outside!

A new outdoor venue each day from beaches to botanical gardens. Some days we go to 2 venues. Only 7 people are aloud on each trip because we travel in an SUV to our daily destinations. Each day you are picked up at 7:30am in Margaretaville Hotel.

You can choose to stay there or anywhere you like, just make sure you can make it to Margaretaville by 7:30am. We recommend this hotel or the Peir House Hotel due to their prime locations. Pier House has a tiny beach. Margaretaville does not. We usually have a working breakfast and then head out.

These 25 hours are packed with research-based information, problem solving formations and new skills acquisition.

You also earn 25 hours of CEU credit, a yoga certification and a tax write off. I try to schedule over a weekend (Friday 7am-Tuesday 11am with Thursday and Tuesday travel days) so you don’t miss a full week of work.

Typically the Yoga Certification for Healthcare Professionals- Level 1, Biomechanics is taught in Colorado and Key West. For curriculum information go to to the yoga certifications section or click here.

We take a group vote on the first day concerning times: start times, long days, short days. I have an idea of what is going to work best with local events and project a schedule but the group has input. If we are all tired we might start an hour later. Sometimes, attendees vote to work 8 hrs one day to get a 2-hour day the next (almost a day off) for a town event. We average 5 hrs per day. We also work in the car, making use of all of our transfer time. We wrap up around 1pm, on average.

Sometimes we have discussions while we walk to a destination to optimize our time.

(For curriculum information go to to the yoga certifications section or click here. You will find curriculum and dates of courses offered in Colorado.)

Accommodations and flights are made independently but I recommend hotels. You can fly directly into Key West. You will not need a car. The island is 3 miles x 1 mile. You might want to rent a bike, though. Kim will do all the SUV driving. We have a communication texting thread I give out a month or two before the workshop. Attendees share with each other if they find a good deal.

Each evening some of us get together for dinner or an event, completely optional. We use the texting thread, with everyone on it, to communicate. Many attendees bring friends and family to these.

After bonding all day, we want to meet your family. We text about meeting places, something interesting that pops up or just to post a picture. The thread is even used long after the event because you will bond with one another in such a small venue.

You are welcome to bring any family or friends on the trip to play with after workshop hours.

I like to keep these groups very small because everyone gets to know one another extremely well, questions are comfortably discussed in think-tank fashion amongst us all and people are well-behaved in small groups.

A bonus for you and me is with this size, I do not need an assistant. You have my complete and constant attention. For as much money as you are paying, you deserve it.

Plus, we can eat together, walk together and drive together without looking like a mob! In a small group, we do not have to get an act of congress to make a group decision. Choices run smoothly. Small groups just work better.

P.S. Key West can all be privately book for a group (4-8 people). You choose the destination and the dates for your group. Individuals can book pre-planned schedules on the website. Contact

Your guide and instructor,

Dr. Kim ByrdRider, PT

Read more about Dr. Kim and her credentials, click here.

P.S.S. For curriculum information go to to the yoga certifications section or click here.

You will find course curriculum and dates of courses offered. We offer courses in other destinations as well.