Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson this collection is designed to soothe your body, calm your mind and enhance your health and is based on over 15 years of pioneering clinical research. Listen to program one Deep Relaxation while lying down or sitting with your eyes closed to enjoy deep states of relaxation and meditation. Program 2 is Active Relaxation and can be used as background while working, studying or doing any activity to produce a lighter Alpha state to produce a balanced, nonstressed state of mind in which prodiucitivity is increases. Includes an instructional booklet. (2 hours)

“Another modern day science type music that takes your brain to a better place. I used nothing but this music for about 8 years. I was listening to it a lot while teaching 20 classes a week and I never got tired of it. Neither did my students.” –Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT