• Handcrafted wooden striker also included
  • Mouth of the bowl is 5 inches wide and approx 3 inches deep
  • Various Tibetan Mantras etched around the outside
  • Various Tibetan symbols etched on the inside and under the bowl

Singing Bowls are an ancient Tibetan meditation tools. The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed by the mallet is said to put the brain into a meditative state. The vibrations of the singing bowls have the same wavelength found in the brainwaves that produce feelings of relaxation. Today they are employed worldwide both within and without these spiritual traditions, for meditation, trance-induction, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being and religious practice. The bowls are handmade in Nepal, and are made of Panchaloga: literally translated from Sanskrit as Five Metals: the metal alloys contain copper, tin, zinc, iron and other metals. These bowls are hand made and etched, therefore the bowl you receive may not be identical to the one pictured on the product picture.