“After 2 decades of trying hundreds of music CDs, these are the only 4 CDs I will use during yoga class or even during my own meditation. Of course, silence is best but complete silence can be difficult for the modern mind. You will notice these 4 CDs enhance the experience and do not bring your focus outside of yourself as most music does. These CDs help you withdraw from the senses as opposed to focusing on the hearing sense as you do with lyrics or instrument sounds. There are no instrument sounds on any of these CDs. Honestly, these are the only 4 CDs I can recommend. They are the only CDs in my collection. Others have come and gone but these 4 are staples.” –Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT

Drift gently into the mystical dreamstate with soothing ambient music, calming water sounds ans Hemi-Sync. Don Peyote and Naasko bring thier shamanic influence to bear in this versatile composition. Dreamcatcher supports deep, restorative sleep. Instruments featured: harmonic chords, drones, synthesizer, and field recordings of water sounds and whale calls.

“This is great modern day science music built to affect your brain waves. I personally use it for meditation, walks in the woods, and during my personal yoga practice. You will hear it on my videos.”- Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT