These unique laminated, ring bound HEP Guides offer fantastic versatility and uses in the clinic. The yoga exercises were rganized
and created by teams of rehab clinicians during their yoga  certification process. The pages were then reviewed and edited by Dr.  Kim ByrdRider. They were then put to the test in clinic  situations to make sure the yoga exercises were  patient friendly, organized optimally and complete. The yoga  exercises had to encompass non-weight bearing to full weight bearing options and every direction for the joint specified. The clinician can choose the joint directions needed and cross-out contraindicated ones.

  • Because they are laminated you can write on them and photocopy for home exercise programs. Just x-out exercises you don’t want or circle ones you do. Plenty of white  space for cues and stick figures. One copy for the file so you can reference what you did.
  • The guides keep you on task. These are super well thought out
    exercises by teams of healthcare provider that accomplish the most in a short amount of time.
  • The rings allow you to break up or re-arrange the set. You
    can take one page out and give it to a patient to review as
    you write a note.

Quick Guide Kit Includes

  1. Modern Table Rack Holder
  2. 3 Quick Guides: Cervical, UE & Thorax, LE & Lumbar
  3. Each guide has one full page of Pilates abdominal exercises

Price $328