Rx Yoga for Spine: Scoliosis


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These one of a kind videos took 5 years to research specific diagnosis needs, perfectly match needs to exercise, and then sequencing progression for optimal outcomes. Modifications and combining of yoga poses makes the most out of the allotted exercise time. Each yoga exercise duration follows exercise research guidelines.

To gain psychological benefits of a yoga practice, the medical Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports one must observe themselves during exercise and then tolerate the exercise. This helps people disconnect physical feelings from emotional feelings which decreases physical pain associated with emotion. In this process neural structures improve enabling one to manage their emotional and physical body states better. In short, observing and holding the yoga poses improves mental and physical pain states. The videos if Byrd Rider Rehab accomplish this with breath awareness, understandable verbal cues, and increased holding length (90 sec) of yoga poses.

The lowering of the sympathetic nervous (fight or flight stress response), the unified muscle stretching/strengthening and the multi-level task demands makes yoga a superior exercise to regular rehab therapy. Try it! You will feel it after the first session.

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