Nutrition: More than Food

New Science is changing the face of what health nutrition is and its abilities to produce optimal health.  The solution appears to be the old nutrition pyramid but upside-down. An in depth examination on profit biased funding sources for our nutritional informational institutions must be critiqued by you.

If you are exploring nutrition options for health with a by-product of weight loss, I recommend the following books and movies.

-Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, DPT

For information on the value of vegetables/nuts and seeds with great recipes:

Fuhrman, J. (2005). Eat to live: the revolutionary formula for fast and sustained weight loss. Little Brown & Company.

For information on the importance of organic meat fats, olive oil, nut and avocado fats with an abundance of vegetables for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma health:

Fung, J. (2016). The obesity code: Unlocking the secrets of weight loss. Greystone Books.

By: Dr. J. Fung and Dr. Timothy Noakes

Watch the documentary movie: “The Magic Pill” on Netflix or rentable on Amazon or On Demand (Dr. Noakes is one of the physicians on trial in the movie)