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Written by 25 holistic expert authors including Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider (Chapter 9).


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Below is a video showing you how to do the abdominal strengthening exercise that no only flattens your abdominals but protects you spine and strengthens the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. Buy the book and read Dr. Kim’s chapter 9. The other chapters by additional authors are amazing too!

Kapalabhati  Yoga Breathing. This example is a snipit from “Yoga Rx with Dr. Kim” show on Well World.TV, YouTube, Roku, and Apple TV. The beautiful waterfall is in Ouray, Colorado.

Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider lived in a convent with the Catholic Nuns in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. They wanted to learn some exercises and since Dr. Kim knows this Kapalabhati Breathing to be fantastic at flattening your abs, they all joined in!

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