U-Hi Fellows’ Alumni chapter

After a fellow receives the U-Hi Commission Award at completion, he/she becomes a member of the U-Hi Fellowship Alumni. This is a nonprofit chapter that is run by the Fellows themselves. The benefits of affiliating with the Alumni chapter will continue to expand as the Fellows see fit. Supporting Alumni members is the chapter’s goal.

The Alumni chapter offers a community for the post-Fellows. The following are offered to the Alumni and Master Navigators only…

    • Full access to the resource pages in this Alumni area on the U-Hi website
    • Contributing rights to the resource pages
    • Alumni & Master Navigator group travel events (national & international)
    • Linked In group page for alumni and Master Navigators only
    • Discounted U-Hi lifelong learning programs
    • Discounted full certification courses with the Master Navigators’ business
    • Priority service with the businesses of the Master Navigators
    • Grants for U-Hi Medical Facility Conversions
    • Priority service for U-Hi Medical Facility Conversions
    • Ability to recruit employees from the Fellowship database
    • Affiliate business listing on the U-Hi webpage
  • U-Hi marketing privileges like hosting U-Hi blog posts / podcasts / broadcast shows about your research findings, businesses, projects, and outreach programs.