Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT, Psych.

Guardian & Custodian of Utopian Healthcare

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From Dr. Kim…

Who am I?

I am a physical therapist and a psychologist. It is my privilege to have taught over 12,000 yoga classes before I acquired four science degrees in healthcare and then worked in hospitals.

What I do:

I now teach holistic medicine courses to healthcare workers. I also teach medical science courses to holistic healers. This fosters holistic and medical healthcare systems to cross-pollenate or blend together, forming a new more-powerful comprehensive Utopian Healthcare system.

My Goals & Legacy

My goal is to bring lasting mental and physical health to the masses via the new Utopian Healthcare system. As the masses heal rapidly, they will begin creating World Health & World Peace thus fulfilling the prophecy of the current Pope Francis, “This is not an Era of Change, this is the Change of an Era.”

New York. Palm Beach. San Diego. Key West. Aspen.

Greetings! I’m glad you have found me. My name is Kim and I want to be very transparent here so we can get to know each other better before you join me in our endeavors. To know me  is to know a few of my favorite things.

When I see this video clip, I laugh every time. When you live in the mindful world people think your life is serene, peaceful and easy. That is sooooo not true. This video is my life… the chaos, the danger, the character interactions and the joyful dancing. “I am Groot!”

If you join me, this is what you will join. It’s not easy nor is it dull but it is meaningful, thrilling and fun.

What I believe to my bones

We are all blind, oppressed, and imprisoned to some degree. When the general public’s brain, body and mental health improves, we will all elevate to a higher, freer from mental and physical pain, more conscious, more joyful style of everyday living. We must do it together. No man left behind! When that happens, the planet will heal itself.

My favorite place to roam around

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on  Central Park.

You can spend days in here and everyone is so reverently quiet!

My favorite work of art to stand in front of…Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage (French 1848-1884)  at the  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

I love it so much that I have a smaller version in my home.

If you look closely there are angels and guardians in the trees watching and helping her. This painting reminds me of the humbleness of a young, inexperienced, uneducated 14 year old French girl in a man’s world of Kings that changed the world when they could not. It also says to me to “fear not” because we have protection.

There are three protectors in this close up. Do you see them?


  • Non-Profit Business Management – Harvard University, 2018-2018

  • Master of PsychologyHarvard University, 2016-2020

  • Doctor of Physical TherapyBoston University, 2011-2014

  • Master of Physical Therapy – University of Oklahoma, 2006-2009

  • Bachelor of Health Science – University of Oklahoma, 2003-2006


Licenses & Certifications

  • Colorado Physical Therapy 10614, Florida Physical Therapy 29269, California

  • Yoga, Tai-Chi 1997: Restorative-Judith Lasater, Kripalu, Swatantrya-Doug Keller.

  • Trained in Iyengar, Forrest, Baptiste, Ashtanga, Anusara and Bikram Yoga.

  • iRest Meditation 2016: Psychology based, military (PTSD), schools and fertility clinics.

  • Pilates 2007: All machines and the mat.

  • McKenzie Spine Institute 2007: Part A: Lumbar spine & Part B: Cervical diagnosis/treatment.

  • Women’s/Men’s Health: Pelvic Floor (2yrs-40hrs/wk.), Sports Ortho, Advanced Spine, Manual Therapy.

Work Experience

  • 1989-1993: Travel Agent

  • 1993-1998: Stay at Home Mom & Step Aerobics Instructor

  • 1998-2006: Professional Yoga Teacher (25 classes per week), over 12,000 classes

  • 2003-2009: Full Time Student

  • 2009-Current: Clinical Physical Therapist: PT clinics, home health, hospitals, ICU

  • 2014-Current: Mind Oriented Exercise CEU & Certifications Educator

I repeat these two things every day. My personal mantras:
  1. I help bring peace to the masses via the healthcare system using yoga/meditation and mindful activities as tools. The masses will then create World Peace fulfilling the prophecy of the current Pope Francis, “This is not an Era of Change, this is the Change of an Era.”
  2. Shepherd me, oh Lord, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life.

I don’t like being at home. I prefer to gallivant and explore unknown places making me a chronic traveler. When I was 20 years old, I was a travel agent (when travel agents thrived) so I have an insider’s knowledge of the travel systems. I sleep for nine hours at night like a rock which makes traveling comfortable and easy for me. I can sleep anywhere but I must go to sleep at 9pm! It is like I am under a spell but I am not complaining.

My favorite kind of day is when I can work and enjoy at the same time.

My children are grown and now I get to spend money on myself! Children are expensive.

Unlike everyone else, I don’t have a special diet. I refuse to give up milk products. I really like all of them. I also refuse to waste my money at the grocery store, so I eat out. I try to pick dinner restaurants where I know the chef is very choosey about his/her ingredients. I take half my meal home and eat it for lunch the next day. I only keep nuts and antipasti type foods (crackers, cheese, salamis, olives, milk) in the house. These foods naturally don’t go bad fast and are the perfect snack!